Gregorius Here you will learn in brief about the history of my family.

The history of my family, the Gangrene family, starts when the first Gangrene, named Gregorius Krateras left from Greece in 1453. Greece was the great Byzantine Empire back then and 1453 was the age of its fall, after being conquered by the Turks. The tragic event forced Gregorius to leave his country and head for Romania.

Gregorius was a great, honest, noble, wise, scholastic and religious person. He was an orthodox christian deeply in his heart and always cared about people who needed help. But Gregorius had a secret and dark side too. He was an alchemist, an occultist and an arcanist. He discovered the Reverse Science and researched ways of communicating with the Outer Worlds.

In Romania, Gregorius didn't stop his researches and a couple of months after his arrival, a terrible accident happened. A failure of his experiments disfigured him and infected him with diseases that could not be cured. It was then when he received the nickname Gangrene. But the accident did something good for him too, it made him conceive one of the greatest arcane objects ever constructed, the Triangle. Theophilus

Gregorius got married and had a son. He discovered that his illness is inherited to his descendants too. That's why all of the male members of the Gangrene family have ugly and disfigured appearance. All of us look weird and have a major illness. Gregorius died from gangrene. Theophilus had severe problems with his heart. Tromos was insane. Athanatos had cancer. My grandfather Maximus is asthmatic. And I have epilepsy.

There are 12 male descendants of the Gangrene family, including the first of the Gangrene, Gregorius. I am the last one so far. All of the Gangrene members are wise people, scientists, doctors or professors and all of them are practising the Reverse Science. The Reverse Science is taught from father to son. They also have discovered and invented many interesting things that defy the natural laws of physics and give a more practical meaning to metaphysics.

Tromos Now you will learn some of the most important Gangrene members and their achievements. Gregorius was the first of the Gangrene. Theophilus was the grandson of Gregorius and managed to construct the Triangle. The Triangle is a geometrical tool that has some very strange mystical powers, if used properly. Even after its construction, many years would pass until only a few of its powers would be discovered. Even now, the Triangle is still a mystery. It is made of adamantine and it has equal sides around 50 centimetres each.

Tromos was a very wise and talented man too. He liked sick jokes very much and wrote some really sick and disturbing poems. He was the one to conceive the invention of the Dark Quantity, the second great discovery of the Gangrene family. However, it was very difficult for him to compose it. It required materials and knowledge not of his era. He was very depressed of his failure, even if it wasn't really his fault. Finally he got mad and commited suicide.

Athanatos Athanatos was the first to discover and realise a major threat for the Gangrene family and the entire world too. He researched a lot about the Outer Worlds and discovered the Terror Lands, the hostile locations of the Outer Worlds that the Outer Terrors inhabit. The Outer Terrors are horrible creatures with supernatural fighting skills that get perverted pleasure of causing destruction everywhere. Athanatos also discovered the thin separation between our world and the Outer Worlds. He named it the Surface.

Now you will learn about the most important member of the Gangrene family, and the most beloved to me too! He is my grandfather named Maximus. Maximus belongs to the 11th generation of the Gangrene family. He was born in Romania in 1899. He decided to move in Greece, his home country, in 1966. He had problems while living in Romania and since Greece was liberated in 1821, he thought it would be a good idea to be the first Gangrene to return in Greece. He moved there with his daughter. Yes, it is strange that after many generations of sons, Maximus was the first to have a female child. And since his wife had died, he didn't have any male descendants.

Maximus Maximus invented the Dark Quantity. An unstable, pitch black substance that reflects no light. Using information given from Tromos' manuscripts and with some help of modern science he finally succeeded in composing this powerful substance. The properties of the Dark Quantity are many and mysterious, but its most important feature is its ability to combine itself with the Triangle, so it can break the Surface and open a link to the Outer Worlds. My grandfather discovered this power of the Dark Quantity only after 1999. Since then he can use the Dark Quantity to summon the beings from the other side of the Triangle.

Now I will tell you a little about the last member of the Gangrene family, who else but me, Xodiak! My mother was a very liberated person and hated my grandfather, so she ran away from Maximus' home and got married. She wouldn't imagine she would give birth to a freak like me, so my father and she didn't treat me very well. So, when I was 15 I moved to my grandfather's house. My grandfather loves me very much and does anything for me. But unlike the rest of the Gangrene family, I am not wise or anything great. I don't like studying and I've always been getting bad marks. I have no interest in the heritage of my family and I don't care at all about the Reverse Science stuff. I can say I am a true failure regarding the Gangrene standards. I do nothing to honor my family. I am a very lazy person and I do not work or study. I just stay home, my grandfather feels so sad about this and he is very sorry for me, that's why he feeds me, lets me stay home and doesn't kick me out. I also like... Uh... You can read more about me in the Xodiak section!

Triangle Dark Quantity

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