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me Welcome visitor!
This is Xodiak Gangrene and this is my website. Here you will find the Xodiak comics, my drawings and other things I like.
You have to keep in mind that the site is addressed to mature adults, not children.

There are 8 sections in my website. You can see them on the left corner of this page.

HISTORY section contains brief information about the story of the Gangrene family and some of its members.

XODIAK? section contains information about myself, my profile and things I like.

GALLERIES section contains drawings or doodles made from me or other people.

COMICS section contains the Xodiak Comics.

CHARACTERS section contains the profiles of some of the characters included in my comics.

GAMES section contains some offensive, perverted or disgusting video games.

LINKS section contains the links to some websites I like very much or find very useful.

E-MAIL is not really a section, just click it to send me an e-mail.

Rules about comics:

  1. At least one comic is updated once per week, minimum.
  2. Nightmare Doll is always in color.
  3. There are no dates.
  4. Xodiak Gangrene © 2001
  5. 1+1=3

Quick comic selection

Nightmare Doll Dr. Podophilia Mutilator Maggotman Tortureman Malebranche
Mini comics

The Shell

I hope you like my site. Everything here has a flavor of disgust and perversion and maybe some noir humour too.
If there is anything you want to suggest me or object with me regarding my website, then send me an e-mail , I would like to hear from you.
Maybe you can persuade me to give all my belongings away to the sick and poor and start a new life as a monk in an isolated monastery, devoting the rest of my life to God... Ok, I was just kidding, because Xod just likes silly jokes!


Xodiak Gangrene © 2001