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Xodiak or properly written Zodiac, in greek ZWDIAKOS derives from the word Zodion, in greek ZWDION and means little animal. As sun moves, it passes through certain constellations which are called the Zodiac, because they have the form similar to certain animals. Astrology helps forecast your future through the study of planets and signs of the Zodiac.

Gangrene is defined as the destruction of living tissue due to obstruction of the blood and oxygen supply. It is the local death of body tissue. Gangrene, is also a greek word, GAGGRAINA.

My name Xodiak was given to me by my grandfather according to the Gangrene's family tradition, because I am the 12th male member of the Gangrene family.

zodiac circle

Name: Xodiak Gangrene
Sex: Male
Age: 20 years
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 65 Kg
Appearance: Ugly
Location: Greece
Occupation: I don't study, I don't work, I just eat, sleep and live
Religion: God
Astrological Sign: I must protect my soul, I won't tell
Good hobbies: Drawing on paper and computer, playing with the computer, I like funny things and silly jokes
Evil hobbies: Watching and drawing disturbing, disgusting, offensive, obscene, obnoxious, perverted, sick, immoral, violent, bloody, gory, rotten and horrific things and I am addicted to watching almost every kind and flavor of kinky porn
I like: Freedom
I dislike: Harmful people
Favorite food: Meat
Least favorite food: Vegetables
Favorite arts: Carlos Mensa paintings, "Les Onze Milles Verges" book by Guillaume Apollinaire
Favorite animal: Cockroach
Favorite website: See Links section
Last words about me: I am not normal. I am a philosopher of the limits of the human mind. I do not intend to harm or harass other people, I am against to all people who harm others, I am against murderers, rapists, pedophiles, criminals, terrorists, drug dealers, racists and unlawful people. I urge you to be against these people and their activities. I also believe in free speech and most importantly, free thought. I don't judge people, I respect their rights and privacy. If you think I'm wrong on something, please e-mail me and discuss it with me. The End.


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